Bridges through my window

Online Festival

In her poem „Bridge Through My Window“ from 1966, Audre Lorde uses the metaphor of a bridge that juts out of the window to show her longing for union with another body. Despite the supposed lack of energy, there is an urge to unite with a sister. What follows, is a utopian trip to a deserted country, without a specific place, a specific time.

But our reality is that we are in a specific place and a specific time. We exist in a world full of things contradicting. Racism, violence, death, trauma, barriers and at the same time love, resistance and care. We long to share and connect between experiences and various realities. A bridge – a fragile inbetweenness – to reach out, overcome the barriers, tell and hear stories. Stories of existence and resistance.

How can we build new bridges? What material do we need for this? "Bridges through my window" is a project that seeks to discuss forms of how new connections and alliances can be made. Together we want to go to places where stories and experiences have been made invisible, where potentials are hidden. In order to understand how we can hold together and persist, we want to infiltrate, traverse and cross the borders set by the European fortress.

Funded by the Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst and Kulturstiftung der Städtischen Sparkasse Offenbach am Main.

Concept & Realisation

Damla Arican, Ronja Gerstadt & Maral Müdok

temporary dialects

We formed temporary dialects (td) in Offenbach am Main in 2018 based on our shared interest in intuitive, associative collective work at the melting point of art and politics.

Through different event formats such as exhibitions, talks and screenings, td aims to network and bring together positions and thoughts in all their complexity and encourage deconstructive forms of thinking. Our focus is on intersectional feminist, post-migrant and decolonial angles in particular.

We are a group of friends, artists, researchers and theorists who share similar feelings of care, uncertainty and curiosity. Through our work, we search for new possibilities of alliances and storytelling and aim to create community-based cultural exchange.